PREMIERE: Sleepwalker’s “Holy Hell” video is spunky and sacrilegious

The great thing about Austin, Texas, is that because it’s a city so saturated with music, bands end up pulling influences from all corners of the spectrum. Take Sleepwalker, for example: The band’s sound is punky, sassy, aggressive rock with solid nods to the blues and traditional R&B in vocalist Brian Blevins’ delivery. It’s exciting and unique, and we’re pleased as punch to be debuting the music video for “Holy Hell,” the title track of their new album, today. The band explains:

“This song was written to highlight the two poles of morality and how no one is ever truly free from their tug-of-war. This inner struggle between ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ is usually described using a metaphor about an angel and devil on our shoulders, whispering advice or commands into our ears at times of deliberation and uncertainty. The narrative of this song comes from someone caught in the crossfire of those opposing forces but refuses to subscribe to either. In the video, you’ll see a charismatic evangelist preying on the faith of followers and leading them into a cult-like ritual that can be seen as a deception miracle, or spectacle, depending on whose point of view you observe it from. Morality works the same way; the definitions of ‘right’ and ‘wrong,’ ‘miracle’ and ‘deception’ are up for interpretation and are anything but one-size-fits-all. One person’s ‘holy’ may be another’s hell, so keep on walking that line any way you see fit.”

Sleepwalker’s Holy Hell will be released on November 13. Check out the band’s previous material here.

Sleepwalker’s album-release show is on November 13 at the Door in Dallas.