PREMIERE: One Days Notice’s “All That I Know” is a gritty skatepunk throwback

Northeastern Ohio is smack-dab in the middle of the Rust Belt, a stretch of America that has suffered through economic recession and urban decay for years, resulting in decreasing populations and crumbling infrastructure. Fun, right? Luckily, blight such as this tends to motivate punk bands to write some gritty, catchy music. Case in point: Cleveland quartet One Days Notice, whose new album, Blackout, will put a smile on the face of any longtime Pennywise or Offspring fans who miss the good ol’ days of chain wallets, Vans slip-ons and passing around a bottle of Mad Dog in the parking lot before (or during, or after) the show. Today, we’re premiering their new song “All That I Know.” Vocalist Chris Bassitt comments:

“Words cannot express how excited we are to finally be releasing a song off our new album. The ups and downs over the last year of recording wore us out more than a month-long bender in Tijuana. ‘All That I Know’ really captures that angsty, ‘fuck all’ emotion that we’ve been feeling lately and definitely sets the tone for the rest of the record.”

One Days Notice’s Blackout will come out later this year and will eventually be available for pre-order here.