PREMIERE: Edhochuli’s “Four Nice Haircuts, Then We End It” is a true riff monster

Ed Hochuli is an NFL referee from Milwaukee with 25 years’ experience. Edhochuli, on the other hand, is a chaotic hardcore quartet from Pittsburgh with 13 songs to their name—including “Four Nice Haircuts, Then We End It,” from their new album, the Chris #2-produced Dream Warriors. The song is a true riff monster that walks a line between Converge and Doomriders with maybe a little bit of (early) Baroness in the mix. The band explains:

“We are a touring band. We like to get out, go see people. Make dinner and laugh with friends. Friends don’t all live close, so we have to keep moving. I think we want people to know that we’re coming to see them as much as they’re coming to see us. We, they are all a part of the spectacle. That is why we write the songs, it’s what they are about. Take a life, put it into a song; take a song, put it into a life—it will never make sense until it does. This one is about the grind; the struggle to finally justify painful existence by way of celebration, and never stopping until you stop.”

Edhochuli’s Dream Warriors will be released October 30 via A-F Records and can be pre-ordered here.