PREMIERE: Broadcaster’s ‘Spin’ EP is pop-punk that’s fuzzy, catchy and oh-so-’90s

photo: Andrew Wells

The great thing about the ’90s being back in vogue is all of the people who grew up in the ’90s loving bands like Superchunk, Sugar and Jawbreaker and started bands influenced by that wave of fuzzy, catchy pop-punk can finally get the attention they deserve. To whit: Long Island trio Broadcaster, whose new EP, Spin (recorded by Iron Chic/Latterman guitarist Phil Douglas) is a delightful time capsule to a period in music when people willingly paid for music, social media didn’t exist and there was literally no better sound on the planet than that of a well-distorted guitar. Guitarist/vocalist Jesse Litwa elaborates:

“We recorded these songs on Long Island in our friend Phil’s basement over the course of a weekend. The songs are mediocre, but the guitar feedback and tambourine parts are good. The voicemail that’s spliced between songs was left to me by our friend Jeff Russell of Signals Midwest at 4 a.m. on Easter morning.”

Broadcaster’s Spin EP will be released October 16 via Jump Start Records and can be pre-ordered here.

Broadcaster’s next show is November 1 in Gainesville, Florida, at the Wooly as part of the Fest 14.