PREMIERE: Braidedveins’ “Unspeakable, Unthinkable” fires shots at Columbus Day

Braidedveins is a bit of a Michigan punk all-star band—members of the Swellers, Kid Brother Collective and Empty Orchestra fill out the quintet’s lineup—but the music the band plays on their self-titled debut LP isn’t easily traceable to any of their other projects. This is aggressive, cagey, explosive post-punk that is designed to make you squirm in your seat and spin the hamster wheel in your brain. To whit: Today, we’re premiering “Unspeakable, Unthinkable,” a song about the dangers of nationalism that happens to line up perfectly with today’s tainted celebration of Christopher Columbus. Frontman Stephen Wisniewski explains:

“First of all, fuck Columbus Day. We didn’t necessarily choose to premiere a track from our forthcoming album on the most perverse and violent of ‘holidays,’ but it might be appropriate nonetheless. Because the thing is that we wrote an album that was thematically dystopian science fiction: an elite class of increasingly wealthy and powerful people find a cure for death and keep it to themselves, while the poor suffer and die around them. Unintended consequences rear their heads, as will often happen—labor and and resource shortages; medical disasters; all kinds of violence. But it’s also an album that’s rooted in real politics, and the result of lots of thought experiments about the logical extensions of capitalism. Thematically, it’s anti-capitalist, anti-violence, and radical in the sense that it is literally concerned with the roots and fundamental causes of inequality.

Sonically, we were mainly concerned with just being super heavy. Hopefully we succeeded on both counts. Violence is a stated theme in this particular song, and it manifests in multiple ways. Layers of violence that pile on and compound, multiplying in both small and gigantic ways. Description, classification, identification, representation—’knowing’ itself as a form of violence. ‘The violence that it takes to describe the violence that it takes to describe the violence.’

And so, again, fuck Columbus Day. Join and support struggles against violence wherever it exists, including your calendars and their nationalist claims.”

Braidedveins’ self-titled full-length debut will be released November 20 and can be pre-ordered here.