PHOTOS: Set It Off tears the roof off in Manchester, U.K.

photo: Kelly Hamilton

If Manchester’s theatre-style music venue the Ritz was a church then you can be sure that Set It Off’s lead singer is Cody Carson is the preacher. He moves in an erratic fashion, spreading their words on the trials of being young—heartbreak, love, hope. Every word is set to be relatable and their eagerly awaiting crowd is their gospel, lapping up every line and singing it back as if they’re a uniformed choir. The set is full of energy, from the uptempo tracks, dedicated to getting you moving, or the way each member of the band works together across the stage. It’s choreographed to the utmost perfection, especially in Carson’s case, knowing which song and where he needs to pull what move or get down to the barricade to be amongst their followers. It’s captivating and a true showing of the power of music—and Substream photographer Kelly Hamilton caught it all on camera.