Patent Pending announce ‘Riot Hearts Rebellion,’ premiere video

Long Island pop punk band Patent Pending have announced that they will release their fifth album, Riot Hearts Rebellion, Nov. 27 on Rude Records.

Riot Hearts Rebellion is the title because that song is our battle cry,” said singer Joe Ragosta. “Here in Patent Pending we’ve never wanted to pretend to be something, musically or personally, that we’re not to try and fit in. This refusal to conform to trends in any music genre whether it be pop-punk, rock, pop, hip-hop etc. has made us underdogs of the music business.”

The announcement arrives with the premiere of a new, animated music video for a song titled “NSFW (.)(.),” which the band called a “funny but serious warning to anyone who likes to take pictures of their junk with their phone.” So it’s more of a public service announcement than something that’s actually NSFW. Watch it, and see the album art and track list for Riot Hearts Rebellion, below.

Patent Pending Riots Hearts Rebellion Art

  1. Another Day
  2. Until The Sun Comes Up
  3. Love Is Anarchy
  4. Six Feet
  5. Little Diamonds
  6. NSFW (.)(.)
  7. Started In My Head
  8. It’s All Good Today
  9. Last Time That I Saw You
  10. Dating A Dick
  11. Keeper
  12. Riot Hearts Rebellion