Modern Baseball stream “The Thrash Particle”

Modern Baseball
photo: Jessica Flynn

Modern Baseball have released another new song, this one titled “The Thrash Particle,” which the band premiered at The Fader. Stream it below.

“‘Thrash’ came about during a spiraling case of jealousy,” said vocalist and guitarist Brendan Lukens. “Too jealous to understand how dumb I was being, I did and said things to put my relationships to ‘the test,’ making sure my relationships were strong and for all of the ‘right reasons.’ In time, my paranoia grew and I began to hurt those I wanted to be with the most.”

Modern Baseball released another single, “Revenge of the Nameless Ranger,” last month. That song is free to download at Bandcamp. They released You’re Gonna Miss it All┬álast year on Run for Cover Records.