Meet the surgeon who listens to Brand New while operating on you

photo via Noisey

As many people know, surgeons have a very high-stress job. I mean, your career choice is literally cutting people open and trying to fix what’s wrong with them on the inside, frequently with life-or-death results. Not exactly a stroll through Central Park. And while music in an OR isn’t an unusual occurrence, most people probably expect a surgery team to be playing classical music or something else viewed as “sophisticated.” What you probably wouldn’t expect, however, is your surgeon blasting the best pop-punk and emo jams from the early 2000s while slicing you open.

Meet John Haskoor, M.D., an orthopedic surgeon at UMass’ Memorial Medical Center. As first reported on by Noisey, Haskoor is part of a growing number of people who grew up through emo’s mainstream explosion and are now entering the workforce as highly trained professionals in very specific fields, that can probably also sing every line of the breakdown of “Seventy Times 7” to you without hesitation. (For a more depressing example, take a look at the story of Martin Shkreli.)

“I think alternative music is something I listen to a lot now, bands like Alkaline Trio, Brand New, even a little bit of Weezer can be good too,” Haskoor says of his OR listening preferences. “You don’t want something that’s too overpowering or that takes too much of your attention but to have something in the background that you can get a rhythm to.”

While Haskoor’s tastes might skew toward Jesse Lacey, Matt Skiba and Rivers Cuomo, he says things like Led Zeppelin, Nirvana and Pearl Jam always go over well with surgical teams, generally having mass appeal.

“Choosing the music in the operating room is pretty much open game,” Haskoor tells Noisey. “You can always put yourself out there and put something on and see how people react to it. Some attending surgeons will leave it up to you and say if you want music to just put something on. As long as it’s something that’s not horribly offensive to them, they’ll be alright with it.”

You can read the whole article, including interviews with multiple doctors about their OR music of choice, here. And if you ever up on the operating table with Dr. Haskoor, hopefully he’ll do his best to cut around your Deja Entendu astronaut tattoo.