LIVE REVIEW/PHOTOS: New Years Day, Get Scared and more take over Cleveland

On October 20, the Other Side tour with New Years Day, Get Scared, Eyes Set To Kill, the Relapse Symphony and Darksiderz stopped in Cleveland. The crowd started forming a line more than an hour before doors opened, guaranteeing an excited audience.

The night began with Cleveland natives Misery | Melody, an acoustic duo, who got the crowd warmed up for the hard-rock bands that would take over the night.

Next was Erie, Pennsylvania, hard rockers Kevlar. Their female vocalist captivated the crowd with her energetic presence onstage even though there were technical difficulties with her microphone. They played to an audience of around 130, which would stay that number throughout the night.

Next was the first touring band of the night, Darksiderz. The DJ and his turntable kept the crowd dancing during his set. The turntable displayed images that included a face and birds flying across it. Darksiderz played remixes of metal and punk songs with dance music.

Before the next touring band, the Relapse Symphony, appeared onstage, the front was shouting “TRS.” The Relapse Symphony experienced a lot of technical difficulties during their set. Bret Von Dehl, the lead singer, had to switch microphones mid-set. Then their drummer kicked through his bass drum during the band’s first song. None of these incidents slowed the band down, though; in fact, the only time the band paused was for Von Dehl to fluff his hair. Feeding off the energy of the crowd, the singer jumped into the audience during the last song.

Next was Arizona’s Eyes Set To Kill. Throughout the band’s performance, the audience shouted compliments such as, “You’re awesome” and “I love you.” The hard-rock band played their 2006 song “Darling” because the audience had requested it and it was the loudest sing-along of the band’s set. During the band’s last song, longtime friend Chris Chino and Ray Miller from the Relapse Symphony joined the stage to help with background vocals.

Get Scared was up next and the crowd was exhilarated and kept the energy in the room up, even through their new songs, which included “Buried Alive” and “Suffer.” The band ended with “Sarcasm” and had one of the loudest sing-alongs of the night. When Nick Matthews, the lead singer, would instruct the crowd to sing, they did so at the top of their lungs.

The headliner, New Years Day, had the loudest crowd of the night. All the band’s songs were massive sing-alongs. In the audience were a handful of girls who had the same signature half-red half-black hairstyle as lead singer Ash Costello. The stage had black iron gates with fake black roses inside them decorating the stage. The band’s drummer, Trixx, showed off his tricks throughout the band’s performance which made the set even more interesting. The band ended their first night in Cleveland headlining a tour successfully by delivering an encore that contained “Bloody Mary” and “Angel Eyes,” the latter of which featured Von Dehl joining the band onstage.