Listen to Drug Church’s intense new song

The Albany, New York quintet Drug Church have released a powerful new song “Hit Your Head, Greedy” off of their upcoming sophmore release Hit Your Head under No Sleep Records. You can preorder Hit Your Head, which is due out October 30, here.

Drug Church’s frontman, Patrick Kindlon, told Consquence Of Sound, “While all Drug Church songs are, ultimately, about being an unlikable bag of garbage, this track really puts a fine point on it. Stop making mom cry.”

You can listen to the punk track below:

Drug Church released their music video for “Bagged” late last month. The video shows a couple of high schoolers messing with witchcraft. “Bagged” was directed by Max Moore (Code Orange, Coliseum, Converge).

Kindlon described the video in a press release, “[We] couldn’t get the rights to The Craft to produce an official sequel, so we’re just gonna have to call this homage. Like those movies you see in Redbox with names like Jurassic World War, or Mad Dax: Roads of Fury. Regardless, here’s the lesson you can pull from the original film and our tribute: Magic works. Get in on some arcane ritual and make your revenge dreams a reality.”

You can watch the video for “Bagged” below: