Take a listen to Mike D of the Beastie Boys’ remix of AWOLNATION’s “I Am”

photo: Matthias Heschl

Mike D of the Beastie Boys has released his remix of AWOLNATION’s “I Am.” The Grammy-winning musician did interesting things to AWOLNATION frontman Aaron Bruno’s vocals that will intrigue listeners around the 1:10 and 2:45 marks. The rapper told Rolling Stone, “When I heard ‘I Am,’ it had the anthemic dynamics that we associate with AWOLNATION. I had a different version in my head of what the song could be, so I was happy to be able to manifest that.”

You can listen to the remix below and purchase it here.

The LA band recently performed “I Am” on Late Night With Seth Meyers which you can watch here.

The sextet released their second full-length, titled Run, earlier this year.

We are currently giving away tickets to AWOLNATION’s Run Tour 2.0. You can enter to win the tickets here.