And now, the Weezer/Kanye West mashup the world secretly needs

We did it, everyone: We’ve hit peak internet with the release of Yeezer, a mashup of Kanye West’s raps atop some of Weezer’s most popular songs. Bandcamp user Chuckie Nugget, who dropped the record with no fanfare on September 30, explains that the album was created “solely based around the pun of ‘Yeezer,'” and honestly, it legitimately works. Among the highlights are “(And They) Say It Ain’t So” (a mashup of “Power” and “Say It Ain’t So”), “The Buddy Holly Workout Plan” (a fusing of “The New Workout Plan” and “Buddy Holly”), “Perfect Homecoming” (a melding of “Homecoming” and “Perfect Situation”) and “American Island” (a reworking of Estelle’s “American Boy” with “Island In The Sun”).

Even funnier: “Barry Jamb,” a “Barry Bonds”/”Burndt Jamb” mashup, features Lil’ Wayne, and it’s not even his first time on a Weezer song (that dubious distinction goes to the Raditude cut “Can’t Stop Partying”). You can stream the whole album below and download it for free (until the RIAA gets a hold of it, probably):

Ironically, this isn’t the first time someone has used Weezer as a base for a rap mashup album—see Jay-Zeezer‘s The Black & Blue Album for more.