The Fest (Gainesville, Fla.) reveals complete schedule

For the 14th time in as many years, Gainesville, Florida will host the annual Fest. That was a given, but this time, the three-day event will assemble 400 or so bands (give or take, because, really, they are too difficult to count individually) at more than a dozen venues downtown. Organizers released the full schedule on Thursday, and it’ll surely require thoughtful planning (and graphing and charting and probably smartphone calendar reminders) for those seeking a tailored Fest experience.

Noteworthy arrangements:

Fest organizers clearly took into account conflict potential, as major conflicts aren’t immediately apparent. The festival’s biggest headliners are fairly spaced apart, and individual venues group together similar artists. Elway and Into It. Over It. do conflict, though. Can’t win them all.

The Fest will run from Oct. 30 to Nov. 1. Tickets are still available in various packages, including single date and venue options.