Second Best delivers infectious pop-punk on their debut EP ‘Outgrown’

Having formed just a few months ago, Saginaw, Michigan-based pop-punk quintet Second Best wastes no time putting their music into the hands of eager listeners with their debut four-song EP Outgrown.

Each track on the EP possesses its own personality, and adds some catchy melodies listeners can sway along to. As the name infers, the EP touches on various themes of growing up and moving on. Whether it’s spending late nights with friends (“Northwest”) or about past heartbreaks (“Lessons”), there’s something on Outgrown that listeners in their late teen years can relate to.

All five members of Second Best possess some of their greatest synergy in the third track “Clarity.” Centered on themes of staying true to yourself and letting go, Second Best provides some original lyrics and smooth guitar riffs to give listeners a hooky chorus to sing along to.

In addition to the original content that can be felt within Outgrown, the group does their own style of a Punk Goes… cover of One Direction’s hit “Drag me Down.” Second Best does a great job of adding their own charm to the pop scene with a splash of punk upon the EP’s conclusion. All four tracks on Outgrown are catchy and relatable, and are worth a listen to any followers of the genre.