Reckless Serenade delivers a winner with ‘Out Here’ EP

Mahopac, New York, band Reckless Serenade has appeared to find their place in pop-punk with Out Here. The EP isn’t so pop-punk that it talks about leaving this town and all they have are their friends (even though those friends probably suck), though.

“Pretty Monster” is my personal favorite song off of Out Here. It begins with background gang vocals that would hype up a live crowd and goes into the music cutting in and out while Cory Brent sings during the brief pauses. It’s followed by “Fire,” a very interesting number with a rapped break talking about Dumbledore—for some reason, it works.

“The Art Of Letting Go” uses the same guitar sound as “Stranger Things”; lyrically, it talks about growing up and growing apart. It’s the most emotional song on Out Here, and probably the best overall track. The song also uses the most gang vocals. In fact, the EP as a whole takes advantage of gang vocals that would make a live crowd get into the music.

Overall, Out Here is a good listen for anyone wanting to find new pop-punk music.