PREMIERE: why+the+wires’ “Crashed Home” is cacophonously noisy post-punk

There’s no doubt that Ithaca, New York’s why+the+wires is a complex band. The quintet’s instrumentation includes saxophone and accordion alongside more traditional rock-band instruments, which certainly adds a different flavor to their strident post-punk. The music on their new album, Flame Failures, feels indebted to labels like Dischord and Lovitt, two homes for musicians unafraid to explore the different facets and nuances of being loud. Today, we’re debuting “Crashed Home,” a sub-two-minute cacophony of early Jawbox’s aggression crossed with the swagger of John Reis’ noisiest projects. Vocalist/guitarist David Nutt elaborates:

“‘Crashed Home’ is a laundry list of various maladies and manias: the glorious crap of American culture, deferred adulthood, the young destroying the old, the old destroying themselves and the siren songs of ambulances that tie the whole mess together. It’s also about being in your late 30s and realizing you still play in a rock band, and how there are far worse deaths than that.”

why+the+wires’ Flame Failures will be released on November 6 via Jetsam-Flotsam and One Percent Press and can be pre-ordered here.

why+the+wires’ next show is at the Chanticleer in Ithaca, New York, on October 3 with Worriers, King Sized Pegasus and Hope Rainbow (details).