PREMIERE: The Obsessives’ ‘Heck No, Nancy’ is absolutely essential listening for emo connoisseurs

The Obsessives
photo: Michael Andrade

If you know anything about me as a person (and why should you, I’m just a disembodied byline on a website), you probably know that I have been a longtime champion of emo, from its ’80s roots to its ’90s artistic peak to its ’00s commercial peak and now its ’10s revival. I think the music is important, vital and worthy of being held up as a great American artform—name one other genre that has made so many hetrosexual white males discover not only that they had emotions beyond “give me something to break/How ’bout your fuckin’ face” but that it was okay to have these complex feelings about life, love and the world? It’s silly to think that some day there just might be an “emo wing” in the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame, but however unlikely that day may be, there is certainly justification for its inclusion. Nothing feels good, but man, everything sounds great.

So, with that preamble in place, I humbly insist that you must listen to the Obsessives‘ debut album, Heck No, Nancy. It is a raw exploration of two teens in Washington, D.C., who lyrically spend more time on their personal politics than on what is surrounding them on a daily basis. The album feels fresh and exciting while carrying strong roots to the mid-’90s turning point when screamo like Indian Summer was dying out and melodic, more contemplative emo like Karate was just starting to get its footing. It is absolutely worth your time, and most likely worth your money.

The Obsessives’ Heck No, Nancy will be released September 18 via Near Mint and can be pre-ordered physically and digitally. Save 20% on your pre-order using the code REPORTCARD.

The Obsessives will be on tour throughout September alongside Perspective, a lovely hand to hold:

9/15 Philadelphia, PA – Stone Cold Castle
9/16 College Park, MD – WMUD @ UMD
9/17 Charlottesville, VA – TBA
9/18 Boone, NC – House Show
9/19 Charleston, SC – House Show
9/20 Atlanta, GA – TBA
9/21 Knoxville, TN – Longbranch Saloon
9/22 Somerset, KY – The Loft
9/23 Indianapolis, IN – Grammaw’s House
9/24 Ann Arbor, MI – TBA
9/25 Pittsburgh, PA – City Grows
9/26 Newton, NJ – American Legion
9/27 New York, NY – The Studio at Webster Hall