PREMIERE: The Drama State and the Dangerous Summer’s AJ Perdomo have “Pool House Envy”

It’s been a pretty whirlwind three years for the Drama State. Since forming in June 2012, the Indiana-based pop-rock band has toured the country numerous times, even participating in the 2013 edition of the Warped Tour, as well as releasing their debut album Stories. But 2015 has been their most exciting year yet—the band’s new EP, The Quiet Life, shows serious artistic growth for the quintet. The highlight of that three-song offering is “Pool House Envy,” featuring a guest vocal turn from AJ Perdomo, former frontman of the Dangerous Summer. Vocalist Ryan Diskey shares the story behind the song:

“‘Pool House Envy’ was inspired by something everyone experiences: their first love. In my experience, it didn’t end badly, really; it was just something that needed to happen. The line ‘You never caught on to it when I said…’ explains the entire situation the song was written about. I never said ‘I love you’ directly but the actions and the feelings were definitely there. It’s about loving and letting go and that being okay.”

The Drama State’s The Quiet Life EP is available now.