PREMIERE: Smoking Popes’ Mike Felumlee returns to the mic in the Bigger Empty’s “Thread” music video

photo: Katie Hovland

If Mike Felumlee’s face looks familiar to you, it might be because you recognize him from the cover of Alkaline Trio’s From Here To Infirmary—he played drums in that band from 2000 to 2001. And if you’ve dug deeper into the Trio’s influence, you may have learned that Felumlee played drums for legendary Chicago pop-punk band Smoking Popes for their entire original run (a band who he recently rejoined). But he’s no stranger to standing in front of a microphone, either, as he’s released solo material and fronted other bands throughout the years. The Bigger Empty is his newest songwriting vehicle, a four-piece pop-punk band with emotional, honest lyrics and strong hooks. Today, we’re debuting the David Rokos-directed music video for “Thread” from the band’s debut EP, Vs. The Cloud. Felumlee explains:

“The song is about those times when your life seems like a hopeless disaster, but you have a few special people to help you make it through. I wrote the lyrics as a 13-year relationship was coming to an end. I was unemployed, could barely afford to live and I thought, ‘My life is over.’ Thanks to a handful of wonderful friends and family, I was able to recover and get back on my feet. So in essence, it’s kind of a ‘thank you’ song.”

The Bigger Empty’s Vs. The Cloud EP is available now via Artistic Integrity Records.

The Bigger Empty’s next show will be September 26 at Livewire Lounge in Chicago alongside the Dead On, Textbook and Old Irving (details).