PREMIERE: Ship Captain Crew’s “Hollows” is a countrified take on pop-punk

Formed in 2011, Chicago-based quintet Ship Captain Crew peddles in Warped Tour-ready pop-punk, but unlike many of their contemporaries, they possess a stronger knowledge of music that came before Blink-182. Take one listen to their new single, “Hollows,” and that will be made abundantly clear—the song still has the kinetic energy of your favorite pop-punk jams with a countrified throwback feel, the kind of thing that could come on the car stereo when your dad is driving you somewhere and you catch him actually tapping his fingers on the steering wheel. Today, we’re debuting the music video for “Hollow,” which features the band traveling all over the Chicagoland area trying to make a name for themselves. Drummer (and music video director) Mike Reda explains:

“‘Hollows’ is a song from the perspective of the bad guy, the ‘devil’ or the ‘monster’ at the end of a relationship. Despite the passion that was once held, all of the love along with regret and sorrow has rotted away into nothing, a hole inside the head. Musically the song was inspired by the country and Honky-Tonk two-beat shuffle, specifically Patsy Cline.”

Ship Captain Crew’s The Ocean Floor will be released October 9 and can be pre-ordered here.

Ship Captain Crew’s next show is October 18 at the Abbey Pub in Chicago.