PREMIERE: Redlands’ “Hollow Bodies” is indie rock that’s mature and exciting

Redlands is a new band from Grand Junction, Colorado—well, sort of. Some of the members previously spent time together in local pop-rock group the Summer Soundtrack, but the new music they were writing together bore little resemblance to their younger selves. So in early 2014, the band made the decision to drop the name they had spent four years building up and embark anew as Redlands, playing a mature but exciting brand of indie rock on their new album, Adventurer. Today, we are debuting their new music video for “Hollow Bodies.” Frontman Ben Lohle explains:

“We chose to make a video for ‘Hollow Bodies’ because the song has a lot of underlining meaning of not being afraid to dream wild. We’re very fortunate to be where we are with the creative freedom we have. People are always surprised to find that we’re not ‘signed,’ but I hope that just goes to show that nothing should hold you back from doing things your favorite bands are doing. We’re all capable of doing things, we just have to try.”

Redlands’ Adventurer is available now on iTunes and Spotify.

Redlands have a handful of regional dates coming up this fall:

Sep 18th      Denver, CO                 Larimer Lounge
Oct 3rd        Grand Junction, CO      Country Inn
Nov 12th      Englewood, CO            Moe’s
Nov 13th      Salt Lake City, UT        Ice Haus