PREMIERE: Puddle Splasher’s “Forget My Name” is a blast from the indie-punk past

You’d never guess it, but the members of Puddle Splasher used to be in a grindcore band. Seriously! But listening to the New Jersey trio’s new EP, Missed Connection, and you’ll be whisked away to the wonderful world of ’90s indie punk, where songs are fast and energetic but aren’t afraid of a little guitar solo action, either. Today, we’re premiering “Forget My Name,” an upbeat number that would fit in a playlist between Dinosaur Jr. and the Flatliners. Vocalist/guitarist Andy Altadonna explains:

“‘Forget My Name’ is about the alienation of being surrounded by people that you don’t care to associate with and the guilt that comes along with not returning the interest they have in you. The idea for the song came rather quickly. We wanted a fast song with a frantic, melodic vibe that sounded a little more, for lack of a better word, power pop-ish. We also wanted to have a song that was juxtaposed by its own lyrics. The lyrics themselves are rather negative in nature, but the instrumental sounds very upbeat and positive.”

Puddle Splasher’s Missed Connection EP comes out November 6 via Animal Style Records and can be pre-ordered here.

Puddle Splasher has a few regional dates on their slate:

Oct 09 The Barbershop Studios Hopatcong, NJ
Nov 08 Palisades Brooklyn, NY