PREMIERE: Kiska’s “Long Divide” is an awesome heavy-rock thumper

photo: Easton Reynolds

Philadelphia quartet Kiska is a new band, but not really—all four members of the group previously served time in melodic rock act Desoto Jones, best known for their 2007 album Aurora on Deep Elm Records. But while Kiska’s personnel shares much in common with Desoto Jones, the music on their self-titled debut, produced by Vince Ratti (Circa Survive, Superheaven), is a pretty drastic turn in a different direction: It’s heavy, crunching, downtuned hard rock with ’90s post-hardcore undertones and a strong melodic sensibility. Basically, it sounds like J. Robbins singing for Quicksand—in other words, it’s totally fucking awesome. Today we are premiering their new song “Long Divide,” which according to frontman Owen Staszewski is about some heavy shit:

“’Long Divide’ is about living on the wrong side of a social fault line created by shadow governments who trick people into believing that power is something that is earned not inherited. Despite our greatest achievements, we will forever be at the mercy of the controllers, the political pick-pockets and head-shrinkers.”

Kiska’s self-titled debut will be released October 30 on Spartan Records and can be pre-ordered here.