PREMIERE: Junior Astronomers’ “Death & Taxes” is a slab of low-key, anti-consumerist post-punk

photo: Bridgette Aikens

Charlotte, North Carolina-based quartet Junior Astronomers has been in existence since 2007, but it’s just now that the post-punk band is coming into their own, with the impending release of their new 7-inch, Thank You. The B-side of that single, “Death & Taxes,” is a low-key ode to the problems of consumerism that feels like a lost Bear Vs Shark track circa Terrorhawk. Vocalist Terrance Richard explains:

“‘Death & Taxes’ is a song about gripping with consumerism and how people buy and buy just to be happy. It’s fight I have internally a lot. How much stuff do I really need? What do I really need? At the end of the day, we fill those spaces with something—just a matter if it’s store bought or time with people you love.”

Junior Astronomers’ Thank You will be released on September 29 by Self Aware Records and can be pre-ordered here.

Junior Astronomers has a handful of regional dates coming up this fall:

September 17th Chapel Hill, NC Local 506 w/Totally Slow, Naked Naps
October 3rd Columbia SC Jam Room Music Festival
October 23rd Charlotte NC Neighborhood Theatre