PREMIERE: Hear Anakin’s dreamy cover of the Smashing Pumpkins classic “Rocket”


Formed in 2010, San Diego-based quartet Anakin has always worn their influences on their sleeve. The band frequently points to early Weezer and the Rentals on the pop side and Hum and Failure on the rock side, and their original material resonates with that exciting mixture. Another group that immediately jumps out as a sonic touchstone is Smashing Pumpkins, so it should come as no surprise that the band chose to cover their song “Rocket” from 1993’s Siamese Dream. Drummer Brad Chancellor explains why they chose to tackle this Pumpkins classic:

“We had decided years back that we wanted to cover ‘Rocket.’ I think we took our time to tackle it because, honestly, we didn’t want to screw up the Pumpkins’ masterpiece. ‘Siamese Dream’ is such an epic album on so many levels. We wanted to somehow make this cover our own but with the awareness to keep certain aspects intact. Simply put, we set out to pay tribute to a band that is very important to Anakin and we wanted to do it in a way which made sense to us. I’d like to think we were able to accomplish that.”

Anakin’s Sun-Kissed + Rocket EP comes out September 25 via No Sleep Records and can be pre-ordered here.