PREMIERE: Father Mountain’s “Failures” is a chasm of depression and reflection

Father Mountain has only been a band for 15 months, but early response to their debut EP, On Leaving & Being Left Behind, has been nothing but positive—fans of Seahaven, Balance & Composure and Manchester Orchestra will definitely find something to relate to here. The band is reissuing On Leaving & Being Left Behind with three bonus tracks, one of which is the gorgeous acoustic number “Failures.” It features frontman Zane Martin delivering a set of surprisingly Tom DeLonge-esque vocals, ca. Angels & Airwaves’ most soaring melodies. Martin explains the story behind “Failures”:

“I find myself reflecting on past things as a way to heal and grow. I’ve seen myself contemplating on these past experiences and noticed a lot of places in my teenage years where I had been agreeing with lies I’d been told or had told myself about who I am, and what I’m capable of. This song, as well as many of the other songs, came from that place. This one in particular happens to be about that process told through the lens of one of my sisters’ eyes. I hope people can hear this song and connect with the need to move on from the lies that hold us back. The lie that we need to perform, to pretend, to be things for other people.”

Father Mountain’s On Leaving & Being Left Behind will be released September 25 via Antique Records and can be pre-ordered here.

Father Mountain will hit the road in October for a trio of Midwestern shows:

October 23rd – Louisville, KY – Spinelli’s Downtown
October 24th – Chicago, IL – Quencher’s
October 25th – Indianapolis, IN – The Melody Inn