PREMIERE: Come Wind’s “Blessing” hits an indie rock sweet spot


Canton, Ohio’s Come Wind has been around since 2009, figuring out who they are both as musicians and as people through a series of smaller releases. But now, it’s time for their close-up: The indie rock quartet has finished their their debut album, Move In Place, and if the new song “Blessing” is any indication, we’re in for a treat. The uptempo number feels like a cross between Manchester Orchestra and Copeland, with powerful vocals delivering a memorable melody to a head-bobbing beat. Drummer Ben Roth elaborates:

“We’re incredibly excited to release our first full-length. We’ve never worked on a project of this scope before, and I also think we’ve never worked harder. Although ‘Blessing’ is not the official first single from ‘Move In Place,’ we think it’s a song both old fans and new will mutually enjoy. Give it a listen, and get ready for what’s to come.”

Come Wind’s Move In Place will be released November 20 and will be available for pre-order soon.