PHOTOS: After week spent in the headlines, No Devotion soldiers on in Paris

© Edouard Camus

After the problems Lostprophets encountered the past few years with their singer Ian Watkins going to jail, the band teamed up with Thursday singer Geoff Rickly to create No Devotion, a dark pop-rock band, with a very recognizable British touch in their sound and stage presence, reminiscent a bit of Blitz Kids. The band came to Paris on a Sunday evening, slotted between many shows (including Counterparts/Senses Fail/Capsize) and only announced about three weeks ago, plus it was only a few days removed from the band releasing their debut album, Permanence—and less than a week removed from the news of Rickly’s label, Collect Records, having ties to controversial pharmaceutical manufacturer Martin Shrekli—so sadly, it was far from being packed, as about 100 people came. But it didn’t stop the band, with Rickly saying, “We don’t care if you’re five, 10 or 100, thank you for being here, for supporting us,” creating an intimate show, with people singing along with the band. Substream photographer Edouard Camus was there to capture the evening, with the performance of local band Pærish.