PHOTOS: Counterparts, Senses Fail and Capsize kick off European tour

© Edouard Camus

Counterparts, Senses Fail and Capsize are currently on tour in mainland Europe and the U.K., before Senses Fail and Capsize hit the road on Substream’s tour with Silverstein and Hundredth this winter. On September 25, the bands kicked off the tour at Backstage By The Mill in Paris, France, to a small crowd who came to party, mosh and scream lyrics back to every band that played that night. The show promoters had local band Miles Of Grace open, but it wasn’t the best choice to book a post-hardcore band as an opener for a punk hardcore show. That being said, it allowed people to get ready for the night, that was about to get sweaty. Even though the venue wasn’t packed, people who came were there for the music, for the bands, to have fun on this cold September evening. The mosh pits were small but efficient; a little crowd surfing happened; those in the front rows jumped and tried to reach out the mic given by the frontmen and scream in it. Highlights of the night included new songs, people who were happy to see the bands, bands who were happy to be there and an amazing speech given by Senses Fail vocalist Buddy Nielsen about gay rights, coming out in 2015 and queer. Substream photographer Edouard Camus captured the evening. Check out our gallery now.