PHOTOS: Brand New wows Paris in an intimate venue

© Edouard Camus

In the middle of the day on September 16, Basement announced that they couldn’t make it to Paris, due to van problems, and would not be able to perform as Brand New’s openers. The news disappointed many fans, with people trying to sell their tickets, others asking for a refund and some saying that the show was “too expensive for one [band].” (Brand New played in Paris back in June, to a sold-out venue; September’s show was supposed to be Basement’s first time in Paris.) The venue, an 800-capacity nightclub near the Moulin Rouge, filled in as time passed, and was, at the end, very packed. Brand New performed some of their most known songs, such as “Sic Transit Gloria… Glory Fades,” “Degausser,” “Luca” and “Jesus,” as well as their latest song, “Mene,” making the crowd full of angry emo teenagers—plus some in mid-20s or early 30s—jump, fight and scream the lyrics. Substream photographer Edouard Camus captured the excitement in this exclusive photo gallery.