Let The Games Begin (Again): Anarbor plots their comeback

For almost a month now, Phoenix-based pop-rock band Anarbor’s social media accounts have been posting more frequently than singer Slade Echeverria’s new project WLFPCK. Anarbor hasn’t released any new music since 2013’s Hopeless Records-released Burnout, which they supported on Warped Tour. Echeverria was the only actual member of Anarbor on Warped that summer—members of Cute Is What We Aim For and Go Radio filled in as his backing band—and he felt it wasn’t right to keep going without anyone else. “I think I realized it was just going to be me doing Warped Tour, I kinda figured that it’ll probably be the last tour for a while. Probably before going into it I kinda knew,” the singer explains.

It wasn’t the easiest decision for Echeverria. “I didn’t have any of the original members with me, it was just a bunch of hired people,” he says. “That was the saddest part for me. Anarbor was never really one person, it was always a group of guys, a group of friends. So doing it by myself was kind of a bummer.”

The band practically vanished after Warped Tour in 2013 with the exception of a handful of shows in February 2014 alongside Artist Vs Poet, which resulted in a tease that the band would be making a record together with all four original members. Sadly, not much was said beyond that, which caused many fans to speculate the band had officially ended. However, Echeverria reiterated multiple times via Twitter that the band wasn’t finished. (Maybe Echeverria could’ve just tweeted this to better get his message across.)


Still, there didn’t appear to be much movement in the Anarbor camp until last month, when suddenly, Echeverria and drummer Greg Garrity shared a bevy of in-studio clips via Twitter and Instagram, some of which you can find below:

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This felt really good.

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Machine. 🎥- @slade_ech

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Obviously, something is happening with Echeverria and Garrity—so what does this mean for the band? “I don’t think we’ve figured that part out yet,” the singer admits about the potential lineup for a new album. “Right now it’s just Greg and I. I hang out with [guitarist] Adam [Juwig] all the time and we’ve kinda discussed him maybe jumping back into [it], but I think that’s as far as it will go.”

There’s nothing solid yet, but at least something is happening with Anarbor. “[We’re] just testing the waters, seeing what’s going on. Everything we’ve done so far sounds really good so I’m really excited… I’m not sure if we’ll release the demos super-soon, but I’ll definitely keep posting on Facebook and Twitter and stuff.”

Some Anarbor fans might worry that WLFPCK would take priority over Anarbor for Echeverria, but he insists that won’t be the case. “I think WLFPCK will always be around, but if I have to put one on hold to do the other, then I don’t mind doing that,” he says.

So, is there a chance that Anarbor and WLFPCK could tour together? “I never really thought about that, but that could be kinda cool,” he admits. “That’s a lot of singing for me. You never know.”