The Suicide Machines recorded their first new song in 10 years last night

photo: Bambi Guthrie

When the Suicide Machines broke up in 2006, the underground mourned the loss of one of punk’s most unique bands. When the Suicide Machines reunited in 2009 (sans original guitarist Dan Lukacinsky), a whole lot of us rejoiced. The past six years have been loaded with reunion shows (and even a full Destruction By Definition tour with Derek Grant on drums, natch) but light on new music—but according to one person on Facebook, that’s all about to change. Producer Matt Dalton publicly posted last night that he was recording the Suicide Machines in his recording studio 37 Studios, as you can see below:

No rest for the wicked. Recording the Suicide Machines tonight.

Posted by Matt Dalton on Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Later, in the comments of that thread, Dalton confirmed it was, in fact, the Suicide Machines, not a new band who had mistakenly taken the name, further commenting:

“First new recording in 10 years from them. I feel extremely fucking honored.”

We’ve reached out to Suicide Machines frontman Jay Navarro for comment; once we hear back, we’ll let you know what’s going on. In the meantime: Get fucking stoked, y’all.

UPDATE: We’ve spoken with Jay Navarro who has confirmed the band did record last night, but it wasn’t an original—it was a cover of “You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch” for an upcoming Christmas compilation on Cleopatra Records. “[It’s] kinda cool,” Navarro says. “Iggy Pop is on the comp also.”

When asked if there was any chance of new Suicide Machines originals on the horizon, he demurred. “I’m too busy trying to write a solo record and finish the new Hellmouth [album],” Navarro says. He elaborated that the solo album will be under the name JNavarro And The Traitors and will be a Two-Tone influenced ska record, whereas the new Hellmouth album will be called Oblivion and is “out of control good.”

However, Suicide Machines fans, don’t give up hope for new songs just yet: “[Guitarist Justin] Malek and I have been discussing new material for the Machines, though,” Navarro reveals. To which we respond: