So Foxy Shazam’s singer is on the new Macklemore song and it’s gloriously bizarre

A lot of people hate Macklemore & Ryan Lewis for no real reason other than that they made some really catchy hip-hop songs that blew up in the mainstream with little to no help from the major label machine. Now that the duo are prepping their new album for release, people will have a whole new batch of songs to inexplicably hate, starting with their new single “Downtown,” which is a collaboration with Melly Mel, Kool Moe Dee, Grandmaster Caz—and, inexplicably, Eric Nally, frontman of recently disbanded weirdo-pop unit Foxy Shazam. In the five-minute music video, you’ll find Nally leading a moped gang, swinging around on light pole, flicking switchblades and going toe-to-toe with Macklemore himself. It is the dictionary definition of “mindfuck.” Watch below.