PREMIERE: Threading’s “Never” is a shoegazing slow jam about love, lust and sex

While most under-18s probably are unaware, shoegaze as a genre of music did exist before Title Fight released “Head In The Ceiling Fan.” Don’t get us wrong: That’s a brilliant song by an incredible band, but the genre has such a deeper history than that, as Ann Arbor, Michigan, quartet Threading proves on their new EP, You Are Never Enough. It channels recently in vogue space-rock touchstones such as Failure and Hum but could easily sit in between Codeine’s Frigid Stars and Seam’s The Pace Is Glacial and not feel out of place. Today, we’re debuting one of the EP’s standout tracks, the thick, syrupy “Never.” The band elaborates:

“The song ‘Never’ revolves around the relationship between love and lust and the area in between the two—the idea that neither feeling is wrong or right. Love doesn’t always win. The idea of lust, longing or sex is not selfish or wrong despite what most may be conditioned to feel about it. Sometimes love isn’t what you need. It’s not a feeling anyone should be ashamed of. It’s human. Unfortunately despite all of this, being human will always require a certain amount of inevitable pain.”

You Are Never Enough comes out September 18 via the Native Sound and can be pre-ordered here.