PREMIERE: Sparrows’ ‘Dragging Hell’ EP is post-hardcore without pretense or apologies

While more people argue over what is or isn’t “punk” or “emo,” the definition of post-hardcore has morphed throughout the 10 to 15 years nearly just as much as those musical trigger words. Fugazi was post-hardcore in the ’80s; Quicksand and Hot Water Music were post-hardcore in the ’90s; Thursday and Silverstein were post-hardcore in the ’00s, and now, bands like Pierce The Veil and Dance Gavin Dance get the label. There’s a throughline there if you really study it, but the nice thing about a band like Sparrows is they don’t lock themselves into just one decade’s worth of evolution. On their new EP, Dragging Hell, the songs bounce between soaring instrumentals that could’ve been from Moneen’s The Red Tree to howling vocals that are a cross between Geoff Rickly and Davey Havok. The band doesn’t limit themselves to the self-imposed restrictions of a pop song, either, with three of the EP’s four tracks stretching past five minutes, and one cracking six. it’s post-hardcore without pretense or apologies, and it’s definitely worth a listen. Frontman Dan Thomson comments:

“I’d be lying to say I wasn’t nervous to finally have people’s ears on ‘Dragging Hell,’ but I’m also really excited to see how these new songs hit people. It’s almost like being able to rid myself of the demons that were a part of making this record, and move on to the excitement of playing them live.”

Sparrows’ Dragging Hell EP will be released August 28 on New Damage Records and can be pre-ordered here.

Sparrows will celebrate the release of Dragging Hell on August 22 at Smiling Buddha in Toronto.