PREMIERE: Scale The Summit’s “Kestrel” is a sweeping prog-metal masterpiece

There was probably a point in Scale The Summit‘s career when some music industry jagoff told them they needed a vocalist otherwise they would “never make it.” Of course, here the band stands, 11 years and five albums later, as one of the most well-respected bands in prog-metal, no singer required. What we’re trying to say is these dudes can play, as evidenced by their new record, V (pronounced “five,” in case you never studied Roman numerals in school). V is Scale The Summit’s first album with new drummer J.C. Bryant, their second album mixed by Jamie King (Between The Buried And Me, For Today) and their fifth album with no vocals whatsoever—and you’ll see no complaints from us. Today, we’re premiering “Kestrel,” a perfect amalgam of everything Scale The Summit does right, from sweeping soundscapes to rubber-band basslines and tasteful guitar arpeggios, all building to a frantic final 30 seconds or so that will have you ready to explode. The band explains:

“‘Kestrel’ is a really exciting part of the album for us, as it brings out the band’s softest moments and most intense moments all in the same song. Each instrument slowly builds on one another and keeps escalating toward some serious energy. It’s a dynamic shift unlike anything we’ve really done before. We’re super-excited to play this one live!”

V will be released on September 18 via Prosthetic Records and can be pre-ordered physically and digitally.