PREMIERE: Kid Cadaver’s “Keep Well” is a massive electro-pop sing-along inspired by ‘Game Of Thrones’

photo: Caleb White

Los Angeles trio Kid Cadaver peddles in the type of indie rock that’s not afraid to incorporate electronics and have a good time while still being true to themselves lyrically. Some perfect reference points would be Passion Pit or Tokyo Police Club, though Kid Cadaver isn’t just cut-and-pasting their influences to hopefully land on Pitchfork’s radar—what sets them apart is the pop-punky kinetic energy in their tunes (heck, Neck Deep’s FIl Thorpe-Evans appeared in the band’s recent music video). Today, we’re premiering their brand new track “Keep Well” from their upcoming sophomore EP Roam, which does everything in its power musically to make you sing (and jump) along—but as frontman Ray Venta explains, the lyrics were inspired by an unexpected place:

“‘Keep Well’ started as a few musical ideas from Jeremy and developed throughout the album process. The lyrics came last and were written sort of aimlessly in the span of one night. After dozens of listens, I actually realized that some major ‘Game Of Thrones’ influences braided themselves in among the general ambivalence of the other lyrics. My personal overconsumption of Westeros will always make this a fun song for me.”

Roam will be released August 21 as a free download—for more information, visit the band’s website.

The band has an EP-release show scheduled for August 25 at the Satellite in Los Angeles (details).