PREMIERE: Hear the debut song from Dead Ahead, featuring members of With The Punches and Autopilot Off

photo: Dennis O'Brien

No one likes starting over. To do so means you probably failed at something you loved and worked hard at for a long time, and by putting yourself back out there, it gives the masses another chance to tell you what you did before just wasn’t what they wanted—and neither is your new shit. These are the thoughts we as humans wrestle with daily, trying to build up the confidence to pull ourselves out of whatever self-imposed funk we put ourselves into. But the beautiful thing is when you finally right your own ship, the art you create tends to be infinitely more personal and true to yourself than ever before. With that preamble out of the way, welcome Newburgh, New York’s Dead Ahead into the world. The band is fronted by Jesse Vadala, formerly of With The Punches, and also includes former Autopilot Off bassist Rob Kucharek, someone who went through the major label wringer and lived to tell the tale. But Dead Ahead is more than the sum of their parts—their self-titled debut EP is blast after blast of emotionally tinged melodic punk rock designed to cut to your core, get you off your ass and back in the game. Today, we’re premiering their debut track, “Cold Truth.” Vadala explains:

“Lyrically, ‘Cold Truth’ is about hitting a rut and the lengths we’ll go to disguise it. I’ve always been my own worst enemy and was once far more desperate for validation than I am today. When things fall apart in any situation, pitching blame and justifying bad habits starts to feel like the preferred method of escape. In the end, ‘Cold Truth’ is as much about failure as it is about a demand for being better.”

Dead Ahead’s self-titled EP will be released October 9 via Panic State Records and can be pre-ordered here.