PREMIERE: Given Names’ “Razor Wire” video juxtaposes sensuality with despair

It’s almost become old hat for rock musicians to dabble in electronica in the downtime from their day jobs. Ben Gibbard has the Postal Service; Davey Havok has Blaqk Audio; hell, even Paul McCartney has the Fireman. So it should come as no surprise that David Raymond, formerly of Damiera and currently of Hidden Hospitals, has another side to him that he can only let out via his new project Given Names. The dark electro duo comprised of Raymond and Jeremy Perez-Cruz (Sleeping Girl Drowning) has created a self-titled EP that will appeal to those seeking a soundtrack to the darkest corners of the night, as evidenced by the music video for its first single, “Razor Wire.” The glitchy pop song sways back and forth in 3/4 time as Raymond glides his vocals atop its structure—making the visual of a woman in despair even more disturbing. The duo describes the music video thusly:

“A hallucinative modern noir in three acts.”

Given Names will be released on September 8; you can find more details here.