PREMIERE: Get your headbang on with Extinction A.D.’s pummeling anti-corruption screed “Black Omen”

Rick Jimenez is the kind of guy that’s in this for life. He’s been playing in bands since the late ’90s, first as a drummer with Long Island hardcore act Subterfuge, then as a guitarist for highly influential hardcore crossover This Is Hell, and now, he fronts his own band, Extinction A.D., alongside three of his four This Is Hell bandmates while that band takes a bit of a hiatus. On EAD’s debut full-length, Faithkiller, the sound has gotten thrashier but no less pummeling than Jimenez’s past two decades of music creation, only now he’s the one speaking out against injustice and corruption. Today, we’re debuting the track “Black Omen,” which is motivated by the rise of the working class, as Jimenez explains:

“Little by little, people are starting to wise up to the corruption of the court system, the police system and the authoritarian system as a whole that we all live under. I believe once we can all see that the population majority should be in control, not the tyranny of a select few, we can band together and really make a change for the better. Its all a matter of whether it can be done before it’s too late and we sink further into darker place.”

Faithkiller comes out August 21 via Good Fight Music and can be pre-ordered here.

Extinction A.D. has a trio of record-release shows coming up at the end of August which you absolutely need to attend:

Aug 22 Revolution Amityville, NY w/ Suffocation, Artificial Brain, Immortal Suffering, Get Ignorant
Aug 26 Acheron Brooklyn, NY w/ Axe Ripper, Seax
Aug 28 Boneyard Atlantic City, NJ w/ Hammer Fight, Hounds, Consumed With Hatred