PREMIERE: Feel empowered (and a little bit weepy) with Big Awesome’s ‘Party On’ full-album stream

If you’re an eagle-eyed member of the emo revival community (or spend your time on Non-Denominational Emo), you might recognize Colin Czerwinski from Florida emo rockers Henrietta. But he’s not beholden to just one band; Czerwinski also splits his time in South Carolina-based duo Big Awesome. (The two bands have even toured together.) But while both groups share similarities on the surface, Big Awesome’s debut full-length, Party On, stands on its own thanks to an exciting batch of emotionally tinged indie rock songs that will make you feel simultaneously empowered and just a little bit weepy. Vocalist/bassist John Blanken comments on the completion of the album:

“This record covers a ton of personal ground for me. All the ups, all the downs, all the in-between. We had a blast making it. It’s something I’m very proud of. Party on.”

Party On comes out August 7 via Jetsam-Flotsam and can be pre-ordered physically and digitally.