PREMIERE: D.H. Currier’s “Light Bulb / Black Cloud” video is a blast of power-folk

photo: Colin Beckett

You might recognize Dustin Currier as the frontman for Topshelf Records post-punk act Cut Teeth, or maybe his face strikes a chord from when he played in No Sleep Records post-hardcore group the Felix Culpa. But while Currier’s career has been pretty noisy thus far, there is a whole other side to him, which he brings to life as D.H. Currier. On his new album, Courier, D.H. Currier is focused on the folksier side of rock music, exploring textures and acoustic elements while still carrying a vocal urgency that can’t be taught. For lack of a better phrase, we’ll call it “power-folk.” Today, we’re premiering the music video for D.H. Currier’s new single, “Light Bulb / Black Cloud.” Currier explains the story behind both the song and the video:

“The light bulb and the black cloud basically represent the idea that inspiration often comes from one’s seemingly lowest points – that forging your own path is the most rewarding way to go about things. ‘Courier’ was an almost completely DIY project, so I wanted to keep with that ethic for the music video while involving as many of my friends as possible in something fun. So I basically had a bunch of them play around with lip syncing and dancing as some weird, alternate version of myself with a bunch of old video clips projecting onto them, which echoes the themes within the song of fictionalizing my own experiences but claiming them as fully mine.”

D.H. Currier’s Courier will be released August 28 via Wirehouse Co. and can be pre-ordered here.