New video for “Fools of Love” by Foreign Tongues out now

photo: Nick DiNatale

New Hampshire and Massachusetts-based act Foreign Tongues have released their music video for “Fools of Love” on Noisey.

The director and cameraman behind the video, Erik Rojas tells some of the behind the scenes of the video: “Cam [Moretti] and I had talked about this idea for a music video several months ago, and after getting some talented friends on board, we decided to go for it. From a narrative standpoint, I think it’s safe to say it’s a story about realizing that sometimes you’re not alone, even though that may seem like the case.”

“’Fools of Love’ is more a story song introducing the record,” explains Foreign Tongues’ frontman Moretti. “It mainly discusses the last year of my life and the ebb and flow I went through. To me life is a series of highs and lows and understanding and grasping that is how I learn to feel content. I wanted the video to be more of a narrative piece that portrays that.”

The “Fools of Love” is shot beautifully showing the confusion and worry on Briggon Snow’s face throughout the song. It translates the feeling that no one understands what you’re thinking or seeing and you’re alone very well. Molly Dougherty matches Snow’s face at the end showing the same confusion and worry. The song itself adds into the emotion of the video.

Check out Foreign Tongues’ video below:

If you like what you hear, you can buy Foreign Tongues new album Fragile, As Said Before on Now Sleep Records here.