New documentary on Joe Strummer’s lost years coming in October

The late Joe Strummer is a bonafide punk rock icon—the man fronted the Clash from their 1976 inception until their collapse a decade later, penning dozens of the best songs in rock history in the process. But the new documentary I Need A Dodge! Joe Strummer On The Run doesn’t talk about his time spent in the Clash, instead focusing on Strummer’s “lost years” immediately following the release of the Clash’s Cut The Crap when he fled to Granada, Spain, to get away from it all.

While in Grenada, Strummer hooked up with local bands 091 and Radio Fortuna, eventually producing the former’s debut album, Mas De Cien Lobos. But the thing that had the most impact on Strummer in that time period was his car, a Spanish version of a Dodge Dart that Radio Fortuna helped him track down. The car meant so much to Strummer that he even went back to Spain more than a decade later, in 1997, to make an appeal on the radio to try and find the car. He was unsuccessful. Strummer tragically and suddenly passed away five years later, at the age of 50.

The Nick Hall-directed I Need A Dodge! is not just about Strummer’s search for that car but his search for himself, and includes recollections from his longtime partner Gaby Holford (nee Salter) as well as members of 091 and Radio Fortuna. The film will be released on DVD October 16 and can be pre-ordered here. Check out the trailer below.