Members of Into It. Over It. and Their / They’re / There form Recreational Drugs

Recreational Drugs
photo: Mitchell Wojcik

Okay, so yes, Evan Weiss has a million bands—Into It. Over It. and Their / They’re / There being two of them. But while Recreational Drugs features members of both IIOI and T/T/T, it does not feature Weiss. Recreational Drugs is actually comprised of Their / They’re / There guitarist Matthew Frank (also of Lifted Bells) and Into It. Over It. drummer Joshua Sparks, formerly of Former Thieves. The duo has released no music as of yet, so we can’t be sure of what it sounds like (though given the members’ pedigrees, it’s probably not out of the realm of imagination to assume it sounds a bit noodly and a bit, er, emotional). However, according to this Facebook post, they already have test pressings of something in hand, though it’s unclear if it’s just a 7-inch or something more lengthy:


Recreational Drugs will play their first show this Saturday, August 22 at Quenchers Saloon in Chicago—click here for more information.