Meet the #IceburgChallenge, aka yet another excuse for punk musicians to day-drink

Everyone remembers the Ice Bucket Challenge, right? People dumped buckets of icewater on their heads to (presumably) help raise awareness and (hopefully) donate money to the ALS Association. Well, now, thanks to Pennsylvania punks the Menzingers, we have the Iceburg Challenge (misspelling entirely theirs, though we assume it’s an homage to how Descendents is purposely misspelled, too). The premise appears to be this: You film yourself performing a portion of the Celine Dion classic “My Heart Will Go On” from the timeless romance Titanic. Then, upon completion of the melody, you take a huge swig of whatever booze you have handy. Lastly, you post the video online and challenge your friends to see which of them are true punks and which have real office jobs which require you to not be day-drunk. To whit, the inaugural #IceburgChallenge video from Tom May of the Menzingers:

Since that fateful tweet roughly 54 hours ago, this craze has swept the nation, provided your definition of “the nation” consists almost entirely of musicians who have played, will play or desperately want to play the Fest. Here are some of our favorites:

Chris Cresswell of the Flatliners

Derek Perry of Fake Problems

Greg Barnett of the Menzingers

Laura Stevenson

Pro wrestler Arik Cannon

Mike Campbell of Latterman/Kudrow/Laura Stevenson

The #IceburgChallenge: truly America’s next hottest hashtag-based, French-Canadian singer-inspired, alcohol-required, internet-necessary game. Have fun playing, but remember: Don’t drink and tweet.