Listen to Chris Cresswell of the Flatliners cover Against Me!’s “Walking Is Still Honest”

Chris Cresswell’s had kind of a busy year. After releasing his debut solo album, One Week Record, last October, the singer/songwriter has been on a series of solo tours throughout 2015—not to mention his main gig, the Flatliners, is dropping a new album full of B-sides, demos and rarities titled Division Of Spoils on August 7 and is hitting the road as a part of the 2015 Fat Tour (which you can win ticket to here). Somehow, the man with one of the finest hair parts in punk rock made time to cover “Walking Is Still Honest” by Fat Wreck alums Against Me!, and it’s a pretty neat deconstruction of the classic track. Cresswell slows it down and really countrifies it, taking the song to a place Laura Jane Grace probably never expected. Give it a listen below!