Into It. Over It. side project Recreational Drugs signs to Count Your Lucky Stars Records

Recreational Drugs
photo: Mitchell Wojcik

We first brought you news of Recreational Drugs’ formation earlier this week, but in case you missed it, the band is comprised of guitarist Matthew Frank (Their/They’re/There, Lifted Bells) and drummer Josh Sparks ( Into It. Over It., Former Thieves). The duo has announced they have signed with Count Your Lucky Stars Records, which will release their currently untitled debut EP later this year. No music has been made available yet, but CYLS says Recreational Drugs is an instrumental band, describes their sound as “contemplative and thoughtful guitar layers and drums that fit together like a puzzle” and compares them to “Ghosts And Vodka meets Unwed Sailor.” (Hopefully, it sounds like Ghosts And Vodka sans the heroin abuse, but we digress.)

Recreational Drugs will play their first show this Saturday, August 22 at Quenchers Saloon in Chicago—click here for more information.