From Blink-182 to Paramore, the 18 times Kidz Bop covered Warped Tour

Can you believe it’s been 15 years since the first volume of Kidz Bop was unleashed on an unsuspecting world? The 29th installment of the unholy cover-song compilation series just came out last month, with the 30th edition slated for release later this year. One of the only things more consistent than Kidz Bop is the annual punk rock summer camp that is Warped Tour, which wrapped its 21st year over the weekend. Part of the reason why Warped has succeeded for two-plus decades is having the occasional artist or two that breaks through the mainstream, with songs that cross over into Top 40 territory—thus making them ripe for the Kidz Bop pickin’. Behold, the following 18 prepubescent covers of bands who have all graced one of Warped Tour’s many stages at some point in their careers. Remember, these are all real covers, not parodies—and many of them are very, very creepy.

Blink-182 – All The Small Things (from Kidz Bop)

Sugar Ray – Fly (from Kidz Bop)

Incubus – Drive (from Kidz Bop 2)

No Doubt – Hey Baby (from Kidz Bop 3)

Jimmy Eat World – The Middle (from Kidz Bop 3)

Linkin Park – In The End (from Kidz Bop 3)

Good Charlotte – The Anthem (from Kidz Bop 4)

Simple Plan – Perfect (from Kidz Bop 5)

Yellowcard – Ocean Avenue (from Kidz Bop 6)

Green Day – Boulevard Of Broken Dreams (from Kidz Bop 8)

Weezer – Beverly Hills (from Kidz Bop 9)

The All-American Rejects – Move Along (from Kidz Bop 10)

Gym Class Heroes – Cupid’s Chokehold (from Kidz Bop 12)

Boys Like Girls – The Great Escape (from Kidz Bop 13)

Cobra Starship – You Make Me Feel… (from Kidz Bop 21)

Paramore – Still Into You (from Kidz Bop 25)

Echosmith – Cool Kids (from Kidz Bop 27)

Fall Out Boy – Centuries (from Kidz Bop 29)

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